President Obama Seeks to Change Deportation Policy


Immigrant advocates urged President Barack Obama on Tuesday to wait before making changes to current policies for deporting undocumented immigrants. This request is made to prevent members of Congress from becoming angry and in hopes that a broad immigration bill will pass. In March, Obama announced he was prepared to take unilateral action to reduce the number of undocumented immigrants being deported.This position was taken as it appeared that the House of Representatives continues to stall on passing broad immigration reform.

Recently, House Speaker John Boehner, and other republicans that they might be open to working on such a bill. However, they urged the House that any unilateral action from the Obama administration would diminish their trust in the president to enforce such laws that they may pass. Obama went on to state that if there are no immigration laws passed through July, Obama administration will pursue whatever tools are available to curb deportation processes for illegal immigrants.

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