Personal Injury/Wrongful Death


An instance becomes wrongful when an individual decides on an action that can be negligent, corrupting, unlawful. Should any court of law find an individual condemnable to a wrongful action, then that may negate any legal stance that person wishes to take against another individual. This term applies to legal documents as well as people. Should any document (i.e. wills, trusts) be found with wrongful intention written in it, then that document becomes subject to legal scrutiny.

A personal injury occurs whenever an individual’s rights are violated, as well as any violation of his or her property rights. Thus, personal injury is not confined to physical injury, but anything affecting an individual in terms of serious transgression. Negligence is a common factor in the instance of personal injury and also leads to bodily injury in many cases.

The nature of what constitutes personal injury is a concept that is continuously subject to debate as challenges to law call for lines to be drawn on whether matters like unplanned pregnancy or abortion are instances of personal injury.

Death is a matter of set concept, rendering a person no longer living. Certain instances of debate occur when a person is in a vegetative state that is severe enough to consider that person’s conscious life at an end; the person’s life no longer needs to be preserved by artificial means but does not accept the concept of euthanasia.